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Andrology Treatment

Indian healthcare facilities are among the best in the world. Andrology in India is advanced & offering all kinds of medical solutions including surgery to issues relating with the male reproductive system. Infertility problems are a major concern of Andrology when a couple is unable to achieve pregnancy even after a complete year of regular unprotected intercourse. Almost a third of infertility problems relate to male reproductive system while another third are on account of the female reproductive system. Remaining cases of infertility are found to affect both partners or cause for infertility remain unclear in some cases.

Andrology Treatment

What is Andrology

Andrology is a medical specialty dealing with male health, particularly to problems relating with all aspects of the male reproductive system. Andrology pertains to men just as Gynecology pertains to women. Disorders covered under Andrology are unique to men & have been studied as a distinct subject since the late 1960s.

Most common male-specific medical & surgical procedures of this healthcare branch include Orchidopexy, Vasectomy, Vasovasostomy (Vasectomy Reversal), Circumcision as well as intervention to deal with functions & diseases concerning penis, seminal vesicles, testes, prostate, epididymis, vas deferens & adrenal glands.

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