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Seek the Best Infertility Treatments in India at Affordable Costs

Infertility problems among African men, including Kenyans and Nigerians, are on the rise due to low sperm count as per reports. Studies revealed that proliferation of pesticides like malathion, endosulphan, DDT and others are top triggers of this low sperm count problem among males.


Blood Cancer and Preferred Destination for Treatment

Leukemia or blood cancer is a condition when the Reticulocyte which generally consists of 1% of the total white blood cells multiply rapidly and corrode the ability of bone marrow to produce red blood cells and platelets. The rapidly multiplying immature white blood cells impair


Joint Replacement Surgery in India to Cost 70 Percent Less

Joint Replacement Surgery in India. Arthritis, which was long thought to be a disease of the old people, is increasingly seeping into the younger population due to changes in lifestyle. However, if detected early, arthritis is a curable and manageable condition. The two most common types of arthritis affecting Kenyan population are osteoporosis and


Kaposi Sarcoma Cancer Treatments in India are Highly Affordable

Cancer ranks as the third leading cause of death in Kenya and about seven percent of the total national mortality every year. In a total of about 28,000 annual cancer cases, mortality rates are almost 22,000. Moreover, almost 60 percent of these cancers happen in people below 70 years of age.


Undergo Affordable Minimally Invasive ASD Closure Surgery in India

African countries, including Egypt are having one of the highest prevalence of congenital heart diseases in children and young adults. Data from studies conducted from the African continent highlight this fact including pointing out that congenital heart disease burden is underestimated due to poor outcome of the disease among African children.


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