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Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty, good looks, external appearances have taken a leading role in redefining our personality. We all yearn for flawless skin & an attractive body appearance. People are no more hesitant to get under the surgeon’s knife to achieve a perfect body, shape & enhance looks at extravagant costs. Cosmetic treatments in India most commonly deal with restoration of all types of deformities & defects including reconstructive surgery. Electively utilized as corrective surgery for defects in the body like enhancing eyebrows, lips, nose, stretch marks, shape & the size of breasts & buttocks, new technological developments in cosmetology & plastic surgery now help surgeons perform complex surgeries deftly.

Cosmetic Surgery

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Although cosmetic surgery & plastic surgery are not one & the same, they are closely related & serve as a magic wand of modern day medicine. They are medical procedures which are designed with a purpose of physical restoration or alteration of the physical body appearance. Cosmetic surgery is also called Aesthetic Surgery since it involves enhancing beauty. Well known nowadays, cosmetic surgery includes many types of hand surgery, microsurgery, reconstructive breast surgery & treatment for burnt skin. Significant numbers of plastic surgeons often choose to focus on cosmetic surgery since the terms of treatments generally interchange as they are closely related specialties.

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Why DygnHealthCare for Cosmetic Surgery

DygnHealthCare Medical Tourism is just not another healthcare tourism platform which is solely interested in drawing international patients of cosmetic surgery for low-cost treatment procedures in India. The entire approach of DygnHealthCare towards patients is focused not merely on providing affordable healthcare solutions but is also intended to give them the highest quality of treatment as well. DygnHealthCare is closely associated with top specialist surgeons in the country including plastic surgeons & is having tie-ups with the best nationally & internationally accredited specialty & multispecialty hospital facilities so as to provide a wide spectrum of medical treatments including cosmetic surgery without any waiting period. Moreover, services offered by DygnHealthCare are seamless & thoughtfully covers every detailed requirement of an international patient fight from the moment he/she lands up here for a medical procedure to the day he flies back home after a successful outcome.

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