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Rodney S.

Rodney S.

from Canada, for Hip Replacement Surgery

I am very glad I picked DygnHealthCare because this experience has been absolutely superb. I can say this because I have something to compare it to. I had another hip replacement 10 years ago. Compared to that, this hip replacement has been far less painful & far more successful in my eyes...

Rodney S.

Adisa Okeke

from Nigeria, for Penile Implant Surgery

DygnHealthCare has in fact changed my life for the better. I had no choice earlier. I would be completing 72 this September and which is coming up with our anniversary as well. Me, and my wife are very happy with the results. While the feeling is the same, I feel like a young man once again...

Roxanne U

Roxanne U.

from Philippines, for Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

I am doing very well & am really thankful for how DygnHealthCare had arranged everything for us. DygnHealthCare had effectively taken care of all our needs including medical assistance & by answering an endless number of questions concerning my medical treatment.

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